Verification + Safety = VeriSafe

//Verification + Safety = VeriSafe

Verification + Safety = VeriSafe

Verification + Safety = VeriSafe

 VeriSafe is considerably more suitable for us, and sheds light upon how we operate in regards to verifying team members, and verifying that every single aspect of a crypto project is legitimate. VeriSafe authenticates that a specific project is the furthest thing possible from a scam. Verification + Safety = VeriSafe.

Our team is ecstatic to announce that from this point forward, we will be operating under the “VeriSafe” title. There’s a saying that goes “out with the old and in with the new”, and we can’t emphasize that more because as of today, the beginning of a brand new era for our organization has started. Understandably, we realize that some members of our community may be a little confused about our rebrand, and saying goodbye to the “Cpollo” name. However, we cant reiterate more that this name modification is an essential part of this fresh chapter, and that VeriSafe has a major future ahead.

As many of you know, we also have previous ties to the McAfee Alliance. Let us again be clear that we do not oppose, or have absolutely any problem with projects that are still in the alliance. The McAfee alliance was initially something that went really well for “Cpollo”, however as time moved on conflicts of interest arose in several areas, and our team collectively chose to leave.

The alliance is a part of our past that we have learned from, and have moved on from. The entire VeriSafe team collectively had input into this name rebrand, and as we evolved and progressed felt it was absolutely necessary to start new and distinguish ourselves for the future that awaits ahead!

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  • IDAX, CoinBene, STEX, & Bleutrade will be participating. If your coins are on these exchanges, you don’t need to worry as the swap will take place requiring no further action from you.
  • If your CPLO is in an ERC20 wallet, there is no action you need to take, everything will be handled without your interference
  • We want to make this as easy as possible for the community!

Thank you for reading, we’re very much looking forward to the future of VeriSafe!

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