Blockchain technology that will improve the electrical power industry

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What Is Lectro?

Lectro is a revolutionary energy technology services group utilizing blockchain to improve how electricity providers and consumers conduct business. The Lectro project is a major first step toward creating the modern power grid that’s smarter, safer and more efficient than ever before. The project is global – Lectro has the potential to impact people all around the world in a positive and meaningful way.

How Will It Work?

Lectro is developing blockchain software to interconnect electric companies, consumers, microgrids and other components in a unified network. We are uniquely positioned to bring together many aspects of the electrical energy market – production, technology, transactional systems and more – to create an efficient synergy not achieved before. Our platforms will enable users to buy and sell electricity with no intermediaries in their transactions.

How You Can Help

Lectro is conducting a special early-supporter campaign that will enable first participants to receive benefits never to be offered again. Your help will enable us to complete Phase 1 of the four-part Lectro strategy and assist very deserving, but disadvantaged, people along the way. A limited edition minted and engraved Lectro coin is yours with a minimum contribution.

Our Vision

Lectro’s vision begins with a blockchain solution for the electrical power industry and continues until every community in the world has access to stable electricity.  We believe a decentralized, smart and secure network connecting electricity producers, power grids and the devices that run on them will be good for everyone.

Smart Grid

One of Lectro’s first developments is a microgrid that will enable buyers and sellers of power to transact on a fast, secure network. The transactions and the movement of power happen automatically, seamlessly and safely on the Lectro blockchain. This saves consumers and utility companies in accounting costs and offers new opportunities to power producers and consumers of all sizes.

The Lectro Community

Wind Turbine

Our Purpose

The purpose of this early supporter campaign is to raise micro-seed capital to expand the Lectro project to the next phase of the four-phase plan – building blockchain-based energy software.


Our Goals

Your contribution will help support us to our goals for:
  • Developing and testing prototype
  • Expanding our blockchain software
  • Managing smart contracts
  • Additional marketing outreach
  • Developing our community program

Join Our Community

Lectro is offering a special incentive for early supporters of the project. Only early supporters will receive these special gifts. Become a part of the global Lectro community today and support our effort to bring power to the world.

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Project Importance

The Lectro project will allow people to obtain electricity in underserved areas and help those who cannot afford it or have never experienced the benefits of electrical power in their everyday lives.


The Plan

Four phases of the project:

  1. Develop prototype, utility token and smart contracts
  2. Further expansion of our Lectro technology
  3. Building the Lectro network
  4. Utilization of Lectro network
Solar Power

Giving Back

Every member of the Lectro team has a desire to help others. The Lectro project is a humanitarian effort as well as a pursuit to develop technology. Our concern for giving back to communities and helping to improve the lives of others is a way to invest in our core values.

Special Offer for Early Project Supporters!

Lectro is offering a special one-time opportunity to our earliest supporters.

Contributors of $50 (USD) or more will be entitled to an engraved, custom-minted Lectro coin and specially designed, durable Lectro stickers to recognize you as a founding member of the worldwide Lectro community.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Ships to all available countries.

In addition, you will receive 50 Lectro utility tokens for each dollar you contribute.
Tokens will be distributed after the main token sale.


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Earn generous rewards for participating in the Lectro community!

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Our team

David Nordin


Patrick Herbert

Technology / Operations

Brian Cantu

Business Development

Owen Conflenti


Pat Herbert


Adam Gradzki


Ryan Denke
Ryan Denke


Thomas Corcoran
Thomas Corcoran


Brendan Ok

Blockchain Developer

Sophie Lee

Blockchain Developer

Joel Thomas

Software Engineer

Suvedh Srikanth

Blockchain Developer

Derek Li

Electrical Engineering

Gerard Barrientos

Software Engineer

Grace Fan

Wireframe, Prototype, Web Development

Debbie Moore


Lisa Qualls

Renewable Energy

Omar Luna


Troy Fearnow


Corporate Partnerships

The Lectro Project is seeking qualified partners in the utility industry, renewables, and smart grid technology. 

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