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Electricity production, technology, transactional systems and more. Lectro is creating an efficient synergy not achieved before.

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See how Lectro seeks to revolutionize transactions, contracts, and renewable energy on the blockchain.


The Lectro token offers a new way of trading value for electricity across the grid that’s faster, safer, and cheaper than ever before.

What is Lectro ?

Lectro is a company, a community, and a vision for the future of electricity. We’re leading the charge for electricity producers, consumers, and traders to operate in a new, exciting way. At the core of the project is the Lectro blockchain, cryptographic token, and smart contracts that will handle many types of transactions. The Lectro network is being built to handle both the traditional way electricity is bought and sold today, and the peer-to-peer, energy-sharing economy that’s ahead of us. The opportunities are tremendous.

Lectro’s multi-phase plan goes beyond software and includes supporting more alternative power choices for consumers, advancing methods for power sharing and storage, and bringing electricity to underserved areas around the world, among other projects.

Lectro Blockchain and Community

Lectro will implement the Ethereum Consortium blockchain. The Lectro plateform intends to incorporate both the public and private features of the Ethereum- Consortium blockchain in order to achieve synergy with existing business models in the energy industry.

Every Lectro team member has a desire to help others. The Lectro project is  a humanitarian effort as well as pursuit to develop technology. Our concern with giving back to the community & heping to improve the lives of others is a way to invest in our core values. We make a containment to our community to continue to build on these same core values.

Specialized blockchain-based consumer and commercial applications to dramatically increase efficiency of today’s transnational system. Lectro is using blockchain to design specialized software applications for use in a robust platform and network that can connect users and bring increased efficiencies and benefits to the electrical power industry.

The Lectro Utility Token

The Lectro token is an ERC-20, Ethereum-based compliant token. It’s easy to send and receive and there are minimal transaction costs when used in the Lectro network. An ERC-20 token is a blockchain asset that can have value and can be sent and received like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. The Lectro token is your gateway to the Lectro network.

Our network will provide token holders with many uses and advantages, including buying, selling, or trading electricity; making payment at electric vehicle charging stations; settling payments on the Lectro network, and other uses as the project expands such as data management, record keeping, and accounting.

Help Support Lectro

  • Purchase one of these limited edition coins and support Lectro!
  • Each coin is $25 – $300 US dollars
    • 50 Coins available for $25 US Dollars serial # +125
    • 25 Coins available for $50 US Dollars serial # -120
    • 10 Coins available for $100 Us Dollars serial # -100
    •   4 Coins available for $300 Us Dollars serial # -75
  • Only Accepting US Customers
  • Shipping included in price
  • Only 300 coins minted
  • Each coin is marked with a individual serial number

Exchange Coin Offering Date: TBA

Dates: (TBA), 2019 through (TBA), 2019.
Accepted payment method: ETH BTC
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = TBA Lectro tokens
Pre-sale bonus: +20%

Hosted By: TBA

Dates: (TBA), 2019 through (TBA) 30, 2019.
Accepted payment method: ETH BTC
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = TBA Lectro tokens
Tokens for sale: 315,000,000

Use of Funds

  • Platform, product and technology development
  • Network and microgrid development
  • Operations and organizational
  • Mobile and Desktop for trading applications

58%      Platform, product and technology development
14%      Network and microgrid development
13%      Operations and organizational
11%      Mobile & desktop development for trading applications




Lectro’s Exchange Coin Offering

Lectro ECO, Crowd Funding and Associated Marketing

Prototype Development

Lectro will create a working prototype for its ERC 20 Token

New Team Member Jack Chang

Mr. Jack Chang served as President of Asiana Corporation. Mr. Chang is an Innovative Entrepreneur with over 25 years of business and technology experience across multiple industries. His expertise is to conceptualize how technologies can benefit the well being of consumers and businesses and then actually transform the visions into realities. Many of his past endeavors, such as the ATM (Automated Teller Machine; Mr. Chang is the patent holder of the ATM), still have profound impacts on business and society. His typical strategy is to develop high-level perspectives and designs, tenaciously sell them to early-user customers, put together an implementation team with himself as the architect and make the product happen. Being a multi-disciplined individual, he has held Chief Executive Officer positions and high-level positions in marketing, sales, banking, corporate development, and technology in large and small corporations. He has also provided high level strategic planning and business advisory support to some of the largest of the Global 500 companies, including Citibank, Coca-Cola Enterprises, American Express, Sears, Visa, EDS and NationsBank/Bank of America etc. He serves as Chairman of Asiana Corporation.

Cpollo Project Approval

Cpollo will be the standard for scam prevention and investor protection in the blockchain industry. The Cpollo platform will host only the highest quality ICOs, PCOs, and established projects, requiring the projects adhere to Cpollo’s strict transparency model.


Application Development

Mobile and Desktop Development for Trading Application. Network Operation and Microgrid Application Development.

Network Operations Testing

Creation of more blockchain-based software and platforms, including those for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and electric vehicle charging.

Prototype Announcement

The announcement of the Lectro Blockchain Hub.

Lectro Mobile App

Lectro will start the development of its mobile app and wallet.


Network Development

Electric Provider Implementation, Network Deployment, Power Generation

IoT software Management

Start developing out API for the Lectro prototype & IoT devices



Platform Expansion

Providing power storage for use in the loss of electricity, advanced methods for power sharing

Regional Electric Provider

REP partnerships and infrastructure development